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Yealink 6w EUROPEAN Power Supply (T19, T21, T23, T27, T40, T41, T42)


Yealink 6w EUROPEAN Power Supply

The Yealink 6W EU power supply is available here. The Yealink phones we provide do not come with a power supply as standard as they are enabled for use with PoE (Power over Ethernet). If PoE is unavailable to you, you’ll need a Power Supply unit for each Yealink device you intend to install.

This is recommended for use with the specified Yealink telephone model numbers. Be sure to get yours here at VoIP Warehouse!

This 6w EUROPEAN power supply is applicable to the following Yealink phone models

  • T19
  • T21,
  • T23
  • T27
  • T40
  • T41
  • T42

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