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WL 2000 4G LTE Broadband Router


4G LTE Broadband Router

The WL2000 is a high-performance low-cost broadband router designed for LTE Cellular networks. Built for the Internet of Things, this compact IP M2M router provides license free IPsec, VPN, Firewall, Ethernet and IP interworking. The WL2000 can service the needs of mission-critical business and enterprise applications. The WL2000 supports high-availability in fixed or portable locations by supplementing traditional broadband networks like DSL, cable, or MPLS/ Ethernet with a high-speed LTE connection. When programmed for failover, the WL2000 detects hardwire network failures and seamlessly switches to LTE as programmed, keeping the network online.

With standards-based VRRP, the WL2000 can support automatic failover and failback when the original connection comes back online.

The WL2000 M2M router provides multiple VPN tunnels and VLAN support as well as VRRP with no additional licensing fees. It can also be set up to broadcast traffic to multiple operation centers using traffic shaping ensuring maximum performance, while also reporting alarms to a NOC.

The WL2000 can also operate as a stand-alone cellular solution to support a branch office or location. With the high speeds offered by the cellular LTE networks normal business can be conducted without terrestrial connections. This makes the WL2000 an ideal choice for new construction, temporary branch offices or primary internet while awaiting terrestrial installation.

The WL2000 can be enabled with optional WiFi which can be used to further enhance the local network. Exceptional features at a reasonable price The WL series of cellular routers provides powerful features at a value price.

The WL2000 is the flagship of this series and offers exceptional value. All the WL series routers come with a three-year hardware warranty, an intuitive GUI interface, built in Firewall, VPN support and advanced IP features including DMNR, GRE, and IPsec. In addition, all of the WL Series routers can be monitored and managed with Encore’s enterprise management system enCloud™. enCloud™ offers many features that will make managing your entire network of WL Series routers easier, including Cellular data limit enforcement for individual devices and group data plans, included firmware updates, no touch deployment for new hardware, and reseller and customer tiers

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