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For new customers

From new start-ups to growing enterprises, our flexible, affordable and reliable packages offer all you need to stay connected and competitive.

Enjoy a range of contract options and call plans, a free router and setup. There's also free UK-based support and Safeguard for peace of mind.

Business Broadband

Cost-effective, dependable and quality connectivity to enhance your business' performance - whether you're a home worker, SME or more established company.

From packages with included monthly usage, to unlimited packages with no restrictions, our up to 18Mb broadband lets you run all your business-critical applications reliably online.

Wireless router

We'll supply our latest easy setup wireless router worth £79.00 (P&P £7.99+ VAT). It's simple to use. Just plug it in and follow the included setup guide - it'll automatically connect to the internet for you.

Prefer to use your own router? No problem. Most broadband routers should work - unless they're locked to another provider's network. However, we do recommend that you use the router that we supply.

Unlimited∞ broadband available

For many businesses reliable 24/7 connectivity is critical. And, if you're a demanding internet user you'll always be keeping one eye on your costs.

Our unlimited affordable broadband packages can cope with the heaviest, bandwidth-intensive activities in your office. As there's no monthly download limit or extra charges to worry about, you won't receive any large bills, making it easy to budget for each month.

Fibre. Internet

With speeds of up to 76Mb, and a router that’s 3x more powerful than the standard model, fibre gives your business room to grow.

Don't lose out to your competitors. Superfast Business Fibre allows multiple users to communicate and share information faster than standard broadband. It improves productivity, saving you both valuable time and money.

Unlimited 76Mb Fibre* +

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