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About us

Eco VoIP is a Cloud hosted Telecoms PBX provider for SME to Enterprise business customers.

Our expertise is based on 20+ year’s within telecoms & IT sectors, form network service to hardware engineering, being in the industry for 12 years and our company have over within telecoms and IT sector  50+ years .

Our team offers all sizes of customers with latest technology and solid and future proof telecom communication services from a home based business to larger multi-level business operations. Our core offering is based on each customer’s requirements and actual business operations as we know that every business is different. 

Our expertise within hosted PBX systems and this has evolved to the Cloud which brings uninterrupted set up and integration within all business systems.


  • Hosted IT solutions avoid up-front capital expenses and long-term operating costs.
  • Outsource business tools, applications, and support, and free up internal IT staff to focus on projects that drive business growth.
  • Implement enterprise-class services with SMB budgets and resources to give your business the competitive edge.

The aim is to operate a simple professional online company to offer Small start-ups to even large enterprise customers an easy way to sign up to a cloud hosted service and not get too much bogged down with a full sales pitch and large time scales to install a business phone system.

Our objectives:

  • To keep the service offer simple and get customers operating within 1 day on service and 3 days on hardware compared to other larger network providers which can take 4-6 weeks to install services.
  • Giving commercial value as we will save business customers at least 40% off compared to traditional telephone PBX systems and fixed line rental costs.
  • Giving customer loyalty with free events and discounts on future offers and building a reliable service and product for all our customers.

We will save your business at least 25% a year in long call costs, and since the service is hosted, we will eliminate all the headaches associated with maintaining phone system hardware in-house and Give everyone powerful email and calendar management with mobile device sync and 100% uptime service guarantee.

Eco VoIP will be your next telecoms partner and build reliability around your telecom communications internally and external applications.

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