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SMS for Business

Communicate instantly with your customers

Our SMS platform has been designed as a convenient way to send SMS text messages using an online interface for businesses, large and small. SMS provides a very unique and fast communication tool that will reach the consumer wherever they are. It is a tool that if used correctly can gain instant responses, making it ideal for status announcements (e.g. we're aware of a fault), or a call to action (e.g. your Dentist Check Up is due, book it now).


Our platform is capable of sending thousands of messages a minute via premium carriers from the UK. By using premium carrier’s messages are delivered quickly and reliably across the world.

All messages are sent from our very own online control panels, and thus there is no additional software to install.


Ensure your messages appear as your company or number

A traditional SMS message sent from your phone will be sent to an originator of your phone number. If the recipient has entered you into their phone book, then they get to see it's from you. However, if they don't you are simply an unknown number.

With our platform, you can either choose to spoof your phone number, which is ideal if you would like recipients to SMS you back.

Alternatively, you can set the originator to be an alphanumeric name up to 11 characters in length. This allows you to set the message to appear from a keyword or company name (e.g. a message appears from DENTIST). The only downside of setting an alphanumeric name is that it can't be replied to as you would a normal message, so be sure to include a call to action link or number.


 Schedule Messages

Send ASAP or specify a sending date & time

Messages are sent through our online control panel, where you have the option to send immediately or schedule a sending date and time. Scheduling messages can be a great way to adopt a reminder system and have proven popular with restaurants and other service industries where missed appointments are costly. SMS can prove to be a very form of communication to ensure appointments aren't forgotten.



Message Logging

Keep a log of what is sent and their delivery status

 When a message is sent it is logged on our control panel. We also display the delivery status of each message (e.g. pending, delivered, failed, delayed etc.).

This can provide confirmation that the message has left our system and that the customer has received it. It is provided as standard with all messages sent.


Manage your contacts with multiple phonebooks

Unlike a traditional phone which only ever has the one phone book, our platform allows you to create an unlimited number, and likewise, there are no limits to the number of recipients you can add to a phone book. This can prove to be especially effective in organising and separating your client’s details.



When it comes to sending a message this really does come into its own as you can choose either individual from a phone book, or you can simply select to send to the entire phone book.



 Control Panel

Manage, send and track messages online

Our control panel is your central point of contact to manage these SMS facilities.

There is no additional software to install, you simply login and send from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Once you have created an originator to use, and added recipients to a phone book, you can be sending messages within minutes.


Why Should You Use SMS marketing?

  • Promote special offers
  • Provide instant customer confirmation
  • Develop loyalty (oh that’s a nice touch)
  • Effective – significantly larger open rate than emails
  • Communicate internally (with staff)
  • Target specific segments of your customer base
  • Immediacy – reach recipients wherever they are in the world


Our SMS service comes as standard on all reseller packages, allowing you to incorporate this with existing services. Alternatively, if you are a direct EcoVoIP customer we can set up an SMS account for free, you simply pay for the credits you require on a pre-paid basis.


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