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Gone are the days of counting money

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Rent day can often mean long days counting coins and notes. With our DriversPay unit, you can now remove this hassle. Drivers can pay using coins, notes or debit card, saving you time and money. The days of negotiating with drivers over payment extensions and part payments can now be eliminated. With DriversPay, you set the deadline and amount the drivers need to pay. What’s more, if drivers miss the deadline, your system can automatically lock them out of their shift until payment is made. Regular discussions with drivers over what’s due or missed are commonplace, our DriversPay unit helps remove the pain by allowing drivers to pay in full and on time.

Hassle free payments

  • Illegal notes detected
  • Driver lockout - No time extensions
  • Mutiple payment methods
  • Stress Free
  • Simple to use
  • Time saving for the office staff
  • Driver account management via email
  • Management and admin reports

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