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GDPR Business Mobile Ready 2018

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The new GDPR regulations come into effect in May 2018, all businesses need to be ready and compliant.

 With new GDPR compliancy requirements being introduced this year, and threats of fines of €10m or more for unreported data breaches, cybersecurity, and device protection is more important for businesses now than ever before.

 What's changing?

- Introduction of penalties: Fines of 2-4% of annual global turnover or 20 Million Euros, whichever is higher.
- Mandatory reporting of a data breach within 72 hours
- Expansion of the definition of personal data, to include online activities (IP address, location etc)

How can you protect your business and your customers' businesses?

MaaS360 from O2 and IBM is a mobile device management platform that can ensure that you and your employees are protected against any data breaches quickly and effectively from one platform.

What's in it for you?

- Additional Digital Bolt-ons towards your connections.

- Additional Rev Share to assist your company cash flow.

- Customers with bolt-ons are more likely to be retained and therefore you can reduce churn.

MaaS360 Features:

The Secure Productivity suite is more appropriate for GDPR compliance for businesses.

 MaaS360 License Prices:


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