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EcoVoIP IoT M2M Delivers Mission Critical Connectivity to Taxi Operators

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The taxi industry has been a part of city and community landscapes since the "modern" taxicab first appeared on the streets of London in the late 1800's.

Taxi dispatch systems like Autocab, Infocabs, Cordic and icabbi and Sherlock use surprisingly little data.




The Dispatch apps use around 200mb or even less, so why the requirement for heavy data?

 The Data is being used for other applications operating for mapping ‘’ Google lives Maps’’ or 3rd party security locking software and other applications running on Android in the background. Many operator drivers are using Android mobile devices which range from Samsung, LG, Huawei, and others Android-based mobiles; these also have automatic updates and other security software which can also include pre-installed marketing software.

  • WAZE




What is the best IOT data sim?

If you have already used m2m Sims for a while and still think you know everything about the Sims sector, it is still vital you read more ….

There is a requirement for the most basic GPRS data connection for many m2m application sectors including smart water metering or even a basic home alarm system. These are basic with a very limited data requirement even 1-2 Mb per sim used and also a network connection once a day or month.

The Taxi sector, however, has swiftly changed and move so quickly for the lasts technology and also the speed of data.  There are too many requirements to think about covering for a professional 3/4G connectivity service.

  • Data connection 3g or 4g
  • Best Network for the operating area’s the fleet operates

The other options to think about:

  • Single Network connection or multi dual network connection
  • Portal management excess which requires APN excess
  • Private APN
  • Static IP


Further extra management features which are only available with accurate M2M Sims, which do cost more than basic Sims…

  • Portal excess with full management reports
  • Data usages
  • Live data stream to see Sims live on the network
  • Turn Sims on and off when required
  • Add more Sims to your base
  • Stream information to servers and security networks

 What about DR planning (Disaster Recovery)?

What can occur on the mobile networks…. o2 … EE…Vodafone!

The mobile networks are based around MHZ radio frequency bands and also cells sites…

(Basic operations as there are many more complex functions within the networks)

The Networks do fail and do go offline for many reasons, it is not recommended you use 1 network or if you do feel in using one core supplying network is to have at least 50% spare back up sims to cover for down times.

If you have a large fleet, you can have at least 10% reserve Sims spare to permit new drivers starting in advance or Drivers which leave and do not return Sims on time.

There are no SLA service times when any mobile network has issues or connection loss.

If you think also you can claim for downtime or come out from any contract, you cannot do so as it is network terms that weather or maintenance can cause downtime.


What options do you have to cover full operations!

  • Choose to split your fleet across 2 or 3 networks to limit your risks (o2/EE/Vodafone)
  • Use a Private APN sim, as these will give priority to the network and not a public network connection
  • Premium M2M Sims from EcoVoIP on a fully managed APN 


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